A New Jersey born Mississippi raised hybrid, Sarah has lived a life of southern charm with a dash of northern exposure. Originally from the Garden State, Sarah moved to the Hospitality State when she was one month old. Over the years she discovered her creative side which came naturally to her seeing her mother is both a fiber artist and English teacher, and her father is a writer. Photography was the first creative endeavor Sarah pursued, and after discovering her eye for composition she quickly became interested in graphic design. While studying graphic design and art at The University of Southern Mississippi, Sarah became so enthralled with design she eventually started her own online consignment shop, Replay Consignments. Replay gave her the opportunity to fully design not only her own graphics, but gave her a chance to study web coding, web design, and product photography. Eventually Replay led Sarah to start her blog, Modern Southerner. Modern Southerner gave her another shot at developing her personal graphic style and also at further developing her web skills. Along with design, Sarah's photography was featured in the Schmap New Orleans Guide, and she received recognition for her photograph "Who Dat" by The University of Southern Mississippi's Anthropology Department.

After graduating from The University of Southern Mississippi with a B.I.S. in Graphic Design and Art, Sarah quickly landed a job with The University of Southern Mississippi as a graphic designer for University Communications. There she got real world experience in a design firm environment which included learning time management skills, client interaction, and endless opportunities to refine her own graphic style and knowledge.

Over the years Sarah has freelanced for The University of Southern Mississippi, Textbook Brokers of Southern Miss, Wild Bill’s Boat Fresh Shrimp, Naphsha Entertainment, Applovin, Salomon, One Systems, The University of Tennessee, various national firms, and she recently revamped her blog, Modern Southerner. Sarah currently resides in the beautiful mountains of Knoxville, TN and is a full-time freelance designer, consultant, photographer, and writer.

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