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Hiring A Marketer or Assistant? Read on!

Updated: 5 days ago

Hire a top vetted marketer or assistant in 3-5 business days.

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Are you looking to hire a marketer or assistant?

MarketerHire can help you hire a top vetted marketer or assistant in 3-5 business days

Instead of sifting through 100s of applicants, setting up multiple interviews, and taking weeks, maybe even months away from your company, Marketerhire will not only provide you with a top marketer or assistant, but in a fraction of the time. Getting you back to business. 

And huge bonus—right now Marketerhire will give you $1500 towards your first hire! Takes a bit of that pressure off, doesn’t it?

How Does MarketerHire Do It?

  1. MarketerHire vets and recruits top performers in marketing. 

  2. They review each marketer’s professional experience, client feedback, and work samples with skill-specific assessments. 

  3. The next layer of screening is a video interview that assesses communication skills, critical thinking, and professionalism.

  4. Test projects are then assigned as a final step in the application process.

  5. MarketerHire will check-in with you every 2 weeks to ensure quality service from your hire.

So, if you're hiring a marketer or assistant, join the thousands of other companies working with MarketerHire today! You've got nothing to lose, but so much to gain (plus $1,500 towards your next hire)!

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