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The Importance of Creating a Functional and Inviting Home Office Space

Home Office

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I've been a remote freelancer for over 12 years and office space is definitely a necessity. Sure, I'm writing this from my screened-in back porch, that's the whole point of working from anywhere, but having a nice office space is crucial–even if you don't use it often (like me).

As we all know, remote work has hit an all time high post 2020, so I wanted to share some functional office finds, furniture I love, and any tips or tricks on home office space I can offer along the way.

Whether you're just joining the work from home force, looking to freshen your space, or just wanting to get some inspiration for the future, this post is for you.


Desks -

Having a comfortable, stylish, and sturdy desk is pretty crucial in having a home office. You need a space where you can work from your computer, spread out, and have meetings. For me personally, a nice desk is very important for my work. If you can get one that converts to standing, even better!


Comfortable Desk Chairs -

Next on the list would have to be a comfortable ergonomic chair. Sitting all day is not our natural state and it takes a toll on our bodies. Improperly sitting can lead to some gnarly health issues down the line. Ergonomic chairs provide support along your body, ensuring your back, arms, and legs are aligned properly.


Storage -

To keep your space organized and neat, storage is an absolute must. For me, there's nothing more distracting than clutter. I like to have shelving, storage bins, drawers, and various storage containers to hide away any office items.


Seating -

If your space allows it, additional seating is useful. I like to have a couple comfortable chairs or a loveseat with some plush pillows. It's nice to have cozy spots to sit and work from aside from your desk. It's also nice to have additional seating for a meeting or even if you just have company.



Lamps -

Good lighting is definitely a perk of a home office. Most corporate offices have harsh fluorescent lighting, but with a home office you can customize your lighting situation to fit your personal preferences. Nice lamps, soft lighting, and even app controlled dimmers can set the tone for a productive work day.


Rugs -

I like a nice accent rug. I have wood floors in my house, so I like to have an accent rug to liven up a space. Personally, I sometimes like to spread out my work on the floor, so having a nice cozy rug helps. The pets also love a nice rug!


Plants -

Having live plants in your house is so good for a variety of reasons, but having them in your work space aids in productivity and creativity, provides better air quality, reduces stress, and aids in our overall well-being. Below are some stylish plant stands that will complete your office space.


Organization -

Organization is more than just storage, it's how you intently place your most needed items. I like to have storage in storage to really keep things neat and within reach. Speaking of organization, I created a custom 2024-2025 Printable Calendar to keep you organized! It also includes printer-friendly monthly, weekly, and daily goal pages, to-do lists, and journal pages.


Artwork -

Just like any other space you should curate artwork that fits your aesthetic. Your office space is a great area to showcase your favorite art and personalize your surroundings. By decorating your space, you're creating an environment filled with items you want to experience regularly.


Yoga Mats -

Hear me out. Sitting all day is brutal on our bodies and stretching is vital. Thing is, stretching on a stylish yoga mat is also vital. These mats will change your life. Seriously. Your body will thank you.


Notebooks -

I absolutely love a notebook, to the point that I've created my own! Below are some fresh notebooks in my Etsy shop and check out even more options in my Redbubble shop.

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